Bumbizz International Ltd Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Bumbizz Privacy Policy (“Policy”)! This explains how we collect, store, protect and share your information, and with whom we share it. We suggest you read this in conjunction with our Terms of Use.

When you take advantage of the Bumbizz mobile app (including desktop version) (“App”), our websites and microsites (such as Bumbizz.com) or the use of our digital products and services (such as contests or surveys) (collectively, referred to in this Privacy Policy by our “Sites”), we collect certain information about you. In addition, you may choose to use the App or the Sites to share information with other users, including your friends and contacts (“Users”). We may also need to share your information sometimes.

The Application and Sites are global, and your information will be sent and used in France, the United States and the United Kingdom, regardless of the country in which you reside. This policy explains how we protect your personal data when we transfer it abroad, so please read it very carefully!

Who we are?

The Application and the Sites are operated by “Bumbizz” (also referred to in this policy as “we”) .

1. Information-gathering.

Registration details

When you download the Application and create an account (“Account”), we may collect certain information (“Registration Information”) about you, such as:

  • Name/ Company Name;
  • Username;
  • E-mail address;
  • Address;
  • Mobile phone number;
  • Gender identity;
  • Date of birth;
  • Photographs;
  • Files;
  • Payment Information;
  • Location; and
  • Login information for social media accounts that you connect to your Bumbizz account (this may include, for example, your Facebook and Instagram accounts). For more information on this, see “Linking other accounts to Bumbizz” in section 7 below

Once registered, you can view and modify this information at any time simply by logging into your Bumbizz account (other than your date of birth and your location (which, if you gave Bumbizz access to your location in your device settings, is automatically updated based on your device location)). It is your responsibility to ensure that your account details are kept up to date. If your phone number changes, be sure to update it in your account.

The information we collect helps to improve the application and website and to check our users (robots are not welcome!). Registration information such as your sexual preferences, name and username may be visible to other users who view your profile page.

For providers or businesses, the data we may collect falls into the following categories of “personal information”, as defined by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) :

  • Identifiers, such as name and location;
  • Personal information, as defined in the California Customer Records Act, such as contact information (including email address and phone number) and financial information;
  • Characteristics of classifications protected under California or federal law (if you choose to provide them), such as age, gender identity, marital status, sexual orientation, race, ancestry, national origin, religion and medical conditions;
  • Commercial information, such as transaction information and purchase history;
  • Biometric information (not relevant here);
  • Information on Internet or network activity, such as browsing history and interactions with our Sites and applications;
  • Geolocation data, such as the location of the mobile device;
  • Audio, electronic, visual and similar information, such as photos and videos;
  • Occupational or job-related information, such as work history and previous employer;
  • Non-public education information; and
  • Inferences drawn from one of the personal information listed above to create a profile or summary of, for example, an individual’s preferences and characteristics.

Profile information

We recommend and encourage you (and all of our members) to think carefully about the information you disclose about yourself. We also advise you not to include e-mail addresses, URLs, instant messaging details, phone numbers, full names or addresses, credit card details, national ID numbers, Driver’s license details and other sensitive information likely to be abused and misused on your profile.

When you post information about yourself or use the messaging feature to communicate with other users, the amount of personal information you share is at your own risk. Please see section 4 below for more information on who can access what you post on Bumbizz.

Profile verification information (including biometric information)

For security reasons and to ensure the best possible user experience, we ask users to verify their accounts and can ask you for proof of your company’s identity and registration. We want to make sure you’re not a robot! And we also want to avoid creating fake Bumbizz accounts that can be used for malicious activities and cybercrime – they threaten the Bumbizz network and mess things up for everyone. This verification may be required by us for fraud prevention. You can also check your photo on a voluntary basis (to add the blue “verified” badge to your profile).

We retain your voucher scans that you have uploaded to us so that we can verify you in the future and for record keeping purposes until we no longer need them for these purposes or for three years after your last interaction with us, whichever comes first. After the expiry of the applicable retention period, we take commercially reasonable measures to permanently and safely remove the analyses from our systems.

Information on subscriptions

If you decide to purchase one of our premium services, we will process your payment information and store it securely for fraud prevention and for audit/tax purposes.

Bumbizz uses automated decisions to prevent the processing of fraudulent payment transactions as part of its anti-fraud procedures. To do this, our systems verify payment transactions to detect any behavior indicating violations of our terms of use. If a transaction meets certain criteria that demonstrate that the General Conditions of Use are likely to have been violated and that the transaction is likely to be fraudulent, the transaction concerned may be automatically blocked. When a transaction is blocked, the user will be informed that his transaction cannot be processed and the users concerned can contact Bumbizz to dispute this decision.

Geolocation information

If you have given Bumbizz access to your position in your device settings, when you use your mobile, we will collect information about WiFi access points as well as other location information about your longitude and latitude and may record your device’s coordinates to provide you with certain features. This information helps us identify your physical location and we use it to personalize the Application and facilitate your interaction with other Users, allowing Users to view your profile and showing you the profiles of other Users in your area.

If you have given Bumbizz access to your site but want to disable it, you can do so by the following methods::

  1. iPhone app – settings, privacy, location services, Bumbizz
  2. . Android — settings, location, Bumbizz, permissions, location

Information on the device

We may collect information about your device when you use the Application, including the unique device identifier, device model, operating system and MAC address, for several purposes, as set out in this policy. In addition, if you allow us to do so, the app can access your device’s address book only to add someone to your contacts.


We may keep track of how you interact with the links available on Bumbizz, including third-party services, by redirecting clicks or by other means. We can share aggregate click statistics such as the number of times a particular link was clicked.

Bumbizz Success Stories, Surveys and Other Contributions

From time to time, we conduct surveys for research purposes and we can contact you to find out if you would like to participate. We may also contact you to find out if you would like to provide feedback, a testimonial or participate in marketing campaigns (for example, if you let us know that you have found a match on the app, we may contact you to ask if you would be happy to appear in the Bumbizz ad). These surveys and marketing campaigns are optional and more information will be provided to the contact point. If you do not wish to be contacted to participate in a survey or marketing campaign, please contact our customer support team via our feedback page.

When you contact Customer Support

If you contact our customer support team via our contact page, we will receive your email address and be able to track your IP address, as well as the information you send us to help you resolve your request. We will keep records of our communications with you, including any complaints we receive from you about other users (and other users about you) for 6 years after your account is deleted.

cookies and similar technologies

When you visit our Website or when you use our Application, we may automatically collect personal data about you using cookies or similar technologies. A cookie is a small file that can be placed on your device or browser and allows us to recognize you and remember you.

If you would like to know more about cookies, including how we use them and the choices available to you, please refer to our Cookie Policy.

2. Use of your information.

Our main goal is to make sure that your experience on Bumbizz is enjoyable and that you don’t end up getting stung! In order to offer you a pleasant experience, we can use your registration and other information to :

  • offer you our services and features;
  • contact you with information about the Application (for example, updates and new features);
  • customize the Application/Sites and the content we provide to you;
  • conduct research and analysis on how you use and interact with the Application/Sites;
  • resolve disputes, resolve problems and enforce our Terms and Conditions;
  • investigate fraud, protect our legal rights and enforce our Terms and Conditions.
    to send you information about the promotions and offers we have – if you signed up for our communications or if you told us it was OK (you can opt out of marketing at any time via the app settings or using the opt-out mechanisms and links provided in each message); and
    protect our Users and third parties from harm.

Moderation practices

We use a combination of automated systems and a team of moderators to monitor and review accounts (including photos and any other information uploaded to user profiles) and messages for content that indicates violations of our Terms of Use. If an account or message meets certain criteria that demonstrate that the General Conditions of Use are likely to have been violated, the account concerned will be subject to a warning and the user’s access will be restricted and/or blocked. Affected users can contact Bumbizz to challenge the decision.

If you post anything that is inconsistent with our Terms of Use, we reserve the right to terminate or restrict access to your Account.

Legal base

Under the EU and UK data protection laws, we are required to provide you with our legal basis for the use of your data and we have indicated this in the table below. When the legal basis is consent, you can withdraw your consent at any time. Where the legal basis is a legitimate interest, you have the right to object to our use of your data. We explain in the relevant sections of this Policy how you can withdraw your consent or refuse certain data uses (if applicable).

Purpose for which the data are usedDataSourceLegal base
To provide you with the Bumbizz social networking serviceName, e-mail address, date of birth, place (CCPA Categories A and B)You provide us with your name, email address and date of birth. We get location data from the device you use to access the serviceContractual necessity
To facilitate networking opportunities on the Bumbizz appOptional information that you choose to provide in your profile, including through profile verification or the addition of Bumbizz badges, which may include information about your sexual preferences, your non-binary sex, your religion, ethnic origin, photos, etc. (CCPA Categories C, H, I, J)You provide us with this informationconsent
To verify your identity and prevent fraud and to ensure the safety and security of UsersTelephone number and, if requested or authorized, photo provided as part of the profile verification and for users based in countries where age verification is required by law: government ID photo + location and device information (CCPA Categories A, B, C, F, G and H)You provide us with this information, with the exception of geolocation and device information, which we obtain from the device you use to access the service.Legitimate Interests – it is in our legitimate interest to ensure accounts are not fraudulently created and to protect site users
To accept payment for premium services (not applicable to users making payments through the Apple App Store)Payment Card Details (CCPA Categories B and D)You provide us with this informationContractual necessity
To send you marketing information about our events, offers and servicesName, e-mail address, mailing address, Instagram handle and mobile phone number (CCPA categories A and B)You provide us with this informationLegitimate consent or interest and in accordance with the laws applicable to our marketing activities. We have a legitimate interest in promoting our business and our products
To conduct research and analysis to help us improve the applicationLog and usage data, including IP address, browser type, reference domain, pages viewed, mobile operator and search terms, images and videos (CCPA F and H categories)You provide us with photos and videos. We get log and usage information from the device you use to access the serviceLegitimate interests – it is in our interest to analyze how users access and use our services so that we can further develop the application, implement security measures and improve the service
To respond to correspondence and questions you submit to us, including requests on social networksEmail address and IP address, social media name, phone number (CCPA CATEGORIES B and F)You provide us with your email address, social network name and phone number when you contact us and we obtain your IP address from the device you use to contact us.Legitimate Interests – it is in our legitimate interest to answer your questions to ensure we are providing good service to users and resolving issues
To investigate and block users for reported violations of our Terms of UseName and user registration details, profile information, content of messages and photographs + usage and device data such as IP address and IP session information (CCPA categories A, B, C, F and H)You provide us with your registration details, profile information, messages and photographs. We get the other information from the device you use to access the service.Legitimate Interests – it is in our legitimate interest to prevent unauthorized conduct and maintain the security and integrity of our services
To enable Users to create and improve their Bumbizz profile and connect to the Application via third-party accountsData from Facebook and other third party accounts (see section 7 of this Privacy Policy for more details) (CCPA categories A, B, C and H)We obtain this information from Facebook or from providers of any other account that you use to sign in or sign in to your Bumbizz account.Legitimate interests – it is in our legitimate interest to facilitate access to our services
To block payment transactions as part of our anti-fraud proceduresName, IP address, email address, mobile phone number, cardholder’s name, payments received, payment type, user ID, country (CCPA, A, B and D categories)You provide us with your name, email address, mobile phone number and card details. We get your IP address from the device you use to contact us. We get your payment information from your interactions with our serviceLegitimate Interests – it is in our legitimate interest to prevent fraudulent transactions and maintain the security of our services
To display promotional cards and advertisements on the appLocation, gender, age and information you may have provided to us via your profile (CCPA categories A, C and G)We get information from you about age, gender and profile, as well as location data from the device you use to access the service.Legitimate interests – it is in our legitimate interest to target ads so users see relevant ads and allow us to generate revenue from ad revenue
Deliver ads to third party networks and measure the effectiveness of those adsInformation about your visit to and actions taken on our Sites or Applications (for example, if you downloaded our Application or created an account with Bumbizz), your IP address (and your estimated location based on your IP address), your age and sex, device ID (CCPA categories B, C, G, F and K)We get age and sex from you and we get other information from the device or browser you use to access the serviceConsent – as indicated in your Privacy Settings/Cookie Settings preferences and via your browser or device privacy preferences (when required by your device manufacturer, such as Apple devices using iOS 14.5).
To contact you for research inquiries and feedback, and to find out if you are interested in participating in marketing campaignsE-mail address and mobile phone number (CCPA Category B)You provide us with this informationLegitimate interests – it is in our legitimate interest to research so we can further develop the app and improve service
To enable video and audio calling functions, as well as sending images and videosVideo and audio call usage data, images and video* (CCPA categories F and H)*If you use the Snap Lenses feature in our app on an Apple device (and you give access to the Bumbizz camera), we can use information from Apple’s TrueDepth camera. The TrueDepth camera information is only used in real time to improve the quality of the Snap Lenses function. We do not store this information on our servers and do not share it with third parties.We get this information from the device you use to access the serviceLegitimate Interests – it is in our legitimate interest to provide these features as part of the services
To defend legal claims, protect legal rights and protect people from harmThis could include any information relevant to the questionThis information can be obtained directly from you, your device or third parties, depending on the information concerned.Legitimate Interests – it is in our legitimate interest to protect our legal rights, defend legal claims and protect our users and third parties from harm


Our policy is not to disclose your registration information or personal data, except in the limited circumstances described here:

Circumstances in which data may be discloseddisclosed data
Service Providers – We hire certain trusted third parties to perform functions and provide services to us. We may share your registration information or personal data with these third parties, but only for the purpose of performing these functions and providing these services. More information is available directly below.This could include all data, including all CCPA categories listed above
Moderators – To monitor application activity and approve content.Name and user registration details, profile information, content of messages and photographs (CCPA categories A, B, C and H)
Payment Processing and Telecommunications Companies – To facilitate payments for our premium services.Cardholder Name, Cardholder Address, Card Number, Payment Amount, Transaction Date/Time (CCPA Categories A, B, D)
Right and Harm – As mentioned in the Terms and Conditions, we believe it is very important that all users behave when using the application. We will cooperate with all third parties to enforce their intellectual property or other rights. We will also cooperate with law enforcement requests within or outside your country of residence when required to do so by law, when there is an investigation into alleged criminal behaviour or to protect a person’s vital interests. This may include the retention or disclosure of your information, including your registration information, if we believe in good faith that it is necessary to comply with a law or regulation, or when we believe that disclosure is necessary to comply with a court proceeding, a court order or a legal application; to protect the safety of any person; to resolve fraud, security or technical issues, for example through anti-spam providers to protect the service from criminal activity or to protect our rights or property or those of third parties. In such cases, we may raise or waive any legal objection or right we have.This may include any personal data that Bumbizz holds about you, depending on the nature of the request or issue we are dealing with, including all of the CCPA categories listed above.
Business Transfers – In the event that an entity of the Bumbizz Group or one of its affiliates undergoes a business transition or change of ownership, such as a merger, acquisition by another corporation, a reorganization or sale of all or part of its assets, or in the event of insolvency or administration, we may be required to disclose your personal data.This could include all personal data that Bumbizz holds about you, including all of the CCPA categories listed above.
Marketing Service Providers – To help us deliver marketing and advertising on third-party websites and applications and measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. More information is available belowAdvertising ID associated with your device (device ID), estimated location (based on your IP address), age, gender and data relating to your visit to our Sites or Our Application and action undertaken on them (for example, if you downloaded our Application or created an account with our Application), hashed e-mail address (for “custom audiences” only) (CCPA Categories B, C, G, F and K)
Anti-Spam and Anti-Fraude – Your data may be shared with other Bumbizz Group companies, for example, to block suspected fraudulent accounts and payment transactions as part of our anti-spam and anti-fraud procedures.Anti-Spam et Anti-Fraude – Vos données peuvent être partagées avec d’autres sociétés du Groupe Bumbizz, par exemple, pour bloquer des comptes et des transactions de paiement frauduleux présumés dans le cadre de nos procédures anti-pourriel et antifraude.
Aggregated Information – We may share aggregated information with third parties that include your personal data (but do not directly identify you) as well as other information, including journal data for industry analysis and demographic profiling.
Bumbizz does not sell your data and has not sold your personal data in the last 12 months.


Sharing your personal data with service providers
We engage certain trusted third parties to perform functions and provide services to us (“Service Providers”). The providers with which Bumbizz shares user personal data vary depending on various factors, such as the application, sites and services with which a user interacts. For example, to provide our services to Users, we generally use the following providers:
Billing Services – to allow customers to purchase paid features of our app (for example, Google Play)
Authentication services – to allow customers to authenticate their account (for example, Twilio)
Social media providers – to allow customers to create/connect their Bumbizz account(s) to their account(s) on these platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram or Spotify)
Product improvement and market research – we use third-party platforms (such as Typeform) and agencies (such as Kantar) to conduct customer surveys and market research to improve our products and services
IT Services – some of the third-party software providers used in the operation of our company may process users’ personal data (for example, if a user contacts us via social media with a support request, their request is processed by our community management software provider Khoros).

We perform due diligence on all service providers we hire to ensure that they have adequate data protection and information security measures in place and only provide them with the necessary personal data the service they provide. Steps are being taken to ensure that shared data is not attributable to the greatest extent possible and our suppliers are also subject to extensive obligations under our contractual agreements. including strict data retention limits.
Sharing your personal data with marketing service providers
We work in partnership with marketing service providers (such as Facebook for example) (“Marketing Service Providers”) to help us market and promote our application and services on third-party websites and applications and measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. For example:
to exclude you from advertising campaigns aimed at finding new users, if you already have a Bumbizz account;
to display Bumbizz advertisements to users who have visited the Bumbizz application/sites but have not yet created a Bumbizz account;

to create an audience for our advertisements of other potential users who have similar characteristics to you based on the information that marketing service providers hold about you (also known as a similar audience); or
to include you in a “custom audience” that will receive Bumbizz advertising content (a custom audience is essentially a list of people we think are most likely to be interested in a particular ad).
We share a limited amount of your personal data with these marketing service providers, such as:
The advertising ID associated with your device (this is a random number assigned by the manufacturer of your mobile device (for example, Apple or Google) to your device to help advertisers (including the manufacturer) when an ad has been viewed or clicked in an application, and when an ad causes a “conversion” (for example, downloading the app that is announced to you))
your estimated location (based on your IP address)
age and sex
the data relating to your visit to our Sites or Our Application and the measures taken in respect thereof (for example, if you downloaded our Application or created an account with our Application)
a hashed* version of your email address (to create “custom audiences”).

Hashing is a way to encrypt information by turning it into a combination of numbers and random letters – this code cannot be traced back to the email address. When hashed email addresses are sent to a marketing service provider, they are then compared to the supplier’s existing list of chopped information from its own users and our advertisements are disseminated to those of our users who have been successfully matched with those of the supplier. The corresponding and unmatched hashes are then deleted by the supplier.
For more information on how we use cookies and other tracking technologies, including how you can set and manage your preferences for these technologies, please see our Cookie Policy.
Some platforms require user consent before Bumbizz is allowed to use the data obtained through the platform for advertising purposes and, where this is the case, Bumbizz will only use that data if the necessary consent has been obtained. With your device’s privacy settings, you also have the ability to prevent or limit the sharing of device IDs with third-party advertisers and the use of device IDs. If you would like more information about your choices and how you can prevent your device credentials from being shared with third-party advertisers, please visit this page.
In some cases, these third parties will also use the data they collect for their own purposes, for example they may aggregate your data with other data they hold and use it to inform advertising-related services provided to other customers.
Sharing with Facebook

When we share data with Facebook as a marketing service provider (including via Facebook’s like function), we are joint data controllers with Facebook Ireland for this processing. This arrangement means that Bumbizz must provide you with this notice, but you must contact Facebook if you wish to exercise your data protection rights. You can find more information, including how Facebook allows you to exercise your data protection rights and then process your information as an independent data controller, in Facebook Ireland’s data policy. If you would like more information about the nature of the arrangement we have put in place with Facebook, please email contact.bumbizz@gmail.com.

This data mentioned above may include actions you take on our website, such as your interactions with our sites or other information collected from cookies or similar technologies, including the Facebook pixel. This allows us to measure the effectiveness of our advertising, improve our marketing practices, and help us provide more relevant advertising for you and people like you (including on social media such as Facebook).

We think our users are great, and we want you to share how great you are with the world, so we’ve created some features to allow that. Our application is designed to make it easier for you to connect and interact with other users.
When using the Bumbizz application, you must assume that anything you post or submit on the application may be visible and accessible to the public, both by users and non-users of the application. We want our users to be careful when they publish information that could potentially be made public.

Please be careful not to post sensitive details about yourself on your profile, such as your religious denomination and details about your health. You can also choose to add sensitive information about yourself when you add certain Bumbizz badges to your profile, such as your religion and political tendencies. Although you may voluntarily provide us with this information when you create your profile, including your sexual preferences, there is no obligation to do so. Remember that the photos you post on Bumbizz may also reveal information about you.  When you download and choose to provide us with sensitive information about you, including by adding badges to your profile, you explicitly consent to us processing that information and making it public to other users.
Your Bumbizz profile and other information you make available through the Application, including certain information added to your profile via third-party accounts (such as Facebook, Instagram or Spotify – see section 7 of this Privacy Policy for more information about this) may be viewed and shared by Users with persons who may or may not be users of the Application. For example, a User may recommend you as a partner to their Facebook friend or friends by taking a screenshot of your profile photo and sharing it, whether or not they are also a User of the App.
Also note that in some countries (currently South Korea only), users have features to download a copy of their chat history (as required by local laws) and that Bumbizz has no control over how users can then publish or use this information.
If you sign in or access the App through your Facebook account or another third-party account on a device that you share with others, Remember to log out of the App and the relevant third-party account when you leave the device to prevent other users from accessing your Bumbizz account.

Although we want as many people as possible to enjoy our creation, you must be at least 18 years old to use the app – sorry kids, we know Bumbizz is cool, but you will have to come back when you are old enough!
Bumbizz does not knowingly collect or market information about children, minors or anyone under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, please do not submit any information to us. If we learn that a child, minor or any person under the age of 18 has registered with us and provided us with personal information, we will take steps to terminate the registration of that person.

At Bumbizz, we are proud to take all appropriate security measures to help protect your information from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, or disclosure. We use reasonable security measures to protect the privacy of your personal information, such as secure servers using firewalls.
Unfortunately, no website or Internet transmission is ever completely 100% secure and even we cannot guarantee that unauthorized access, hacking, data loss or other violations will never occur, but here are some practical tips to help you protect your data:
Be sure to log out of your account after use, as you never know who might fall on your account!
Please do not share the password you use to access your Bumbizz account with anyone else!
Change your password periodically.
If you think someone has accessed your password or account, please follow the steps outlined here. We cannot guarantee the security of your personal data when they are transmitted on our site and any transmission is at your own risk.

Use your social media information to connect to Bumbizz
When you log in to our app using your Facebook account, you allow Facebook to share your name and profile photo with us. Unless you unsubscribe, you also authorize Facebook to share with us your email address (if there is one associated with your Facebook account), date of birth, profile photos, gender, likes on the Page and your current city.
If you register or sign in with your Apple ID, you allow Apple to share your Apple ID, a name (you can change) and an email (you can choose to hide your email and Apple will create a random email address so that your personal email can remain private). This email address will be linked to your Bumbizz account and will be used to retrieve your Bumbizz account.
We will then use this personal data to create your Bumbizz account. If you remove the Bumbizz app from your Facebook settings or Apple ID, we will no longer have access to that data. However, we will still have the personal data we received when you first set up your Bumbizz account using your Facebook or Apple ID (You must completely delete your Bumbizz account so that we no longer have access to this data).
Linking social media accounts to your Bumbizz account
You can link your Bumbizz account to your Instagram, Facebook or Spotify accounts. This allows you to share some information from these accounts directly to your Bumbizz account (for example, Instagram photos or your best Spotify artists).
We only receive limited information that Instagram or Spotify allows to be transferred (as detailed by Instagram/ Facebook/ Spotify and accepted by you when you connect your account from these platforms to your Bumbizz account for the first time).
If you no longer wish to link your Bumbizz account to your Instagram, Facebook or Spotify account, please review your Instagram, Facebook or Spotify account settings and follow the instructions to remove permissions to the Bumbizz app. Please note that any information already added to your Bumbizz account from these platforms will not be deleted unless you also delete it from your Bumbizz account.

If you use BFF, we will ask you for certain information when creating your profile (such as your beliefs and political tendencies). You may choose to provide this information, but there is no obligation to provide it.
Our legal justification for the processing of your personal data is that this is necessary to fulfill our contract with you and provide certain services and features that you have requested. For example, in order to offer you our Hives feature, we need to process your location and interest data to show you Hives that you can join and that are relevant to you. When you download and choose to share sensitive information (such as beliefs and political trends), you explicitly agree to share this information with BFF members.
Use your information to recommend friends
In BFF, we can use your information about activity, life and interests to recommend friends.
Important things to know about BFF hives
In BFF, you can join or create hives to find friends. Hives are small local group discussions built around places or subjects. We will recommend Hives based on your location, activity, life and interests.
Who sees your membership in Hive and your messages
If you join a hive, the other members of the BFF will see that you have joined that hive. Members will not be able to see the Hive chat until they have joined the Hive and when they join Hive, they will see the full message history.


Privacy laws applicable in your country may grant you the following rights:

1.Right to be informed: what personal data an organization processes and why (we provide you with this information in this Privacy Policy).
2.Right of access: you can request a copy of your data.
3.Right to rectification: if the data held is inaccurate, you have the right to have it corrected.
4.Right to erasure: You have the right to have your data deleted in certain circumstances.
5.Right to restrict processing: in limited circumstances, you have the right to request that processing be stopped but that the data be retained.
6.Right to data portability: You can request a copy of certain data in a machine-readable form that can be transferred to another provider.
7.Right to object: in certain circumstances (including when the data is processed on the basis of legitimate interests or for marketing purposes), you may object to this processing.
8.Rights related to automated decision-making, including profiling: there are several rights in this area where processing carried out on a purely automated basis results in a decision having legal or significant effects on the individual. In these circumstances, your rights include the right to ensure that there is human intervention in the decision-making process.

The specific rights that apply to you (which may include other rights not listed above) may vary depending on your country. You should find out what rights you have under applicable privacy laws in your country.

If you wish to exercise any of your rights listed above, please visit our comments page or send an e-mail to our data protection officer at contact.bumbizz@gmail.com. For your protection and the protection of all our users, we may need to ask you for specific information to help us confirm your identity before we can respond to the above requests.

If you have any concerns about how we have processed your request or your personal data, you should first contact us via the contact details indicated above.

If you feel that we have not solved your problem, you have the right to file a complaint at any time with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK supervisory authority for data protection issues (www.ico.org.uk). If you live in a country or territory located in the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA), you can also contact your local data protection regulator . If you live in a country outside the EU, you may have the right to file a complaint with your local data or privacy regulator.

representative of EU

In accordance with Article 27 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Bumbizz has appointed Borlux Ltd as its GDPR representative in the EU. If you are ordinarily resident in an EU Member State, you can contact Borlux Ltd for any questions related to the GDPR in:

Using the online application form at https://services.nathantrust.com/privacycontact

Adresse postale : 1er étage, 6 Lapps Quay, Cork, Irlande

11. Data locations.

We want you to have access to Bumbizz wherever you are in the world. To enable us to provide this service, we operate a global network of servers, including in the United States, the United Kingdom, the EU and (for users located in Russia) Russia. The equipment is located in third party data centers, but belongs to the Bumbizz group. Data collected by advertising partners and other service providers may also be kept outside the UK and the European Economic Area. We ensure that data is adequately protected by ensuring that valid legal mechanisms are in place, such as: EU-approved standard clauses (which can be found here) and the implementation of robust contract standards. If you would like more information on the nature of the protection measures we have put in place, please send an email at contact.bumbizz@gmail.com.


We retain your personal information only as long as we need it for the legal basis relied upon (as set out in section 2 above) and to the extent permitted by applicable law. Please refer to the section “Profile verification information (including biometric information)” in section 1 above for more information on our retention policy with respect to biometric information.

When you delete your Account or it is deactivated by us, we ensure that it is no longer visible in the Application. Up to 28 days, it is still possible to restore your account if it was accidentally deleted or disabled incorrectly. After 28 days, we begin the process of deleting your personal information from our systems, unless:

1.we must keep them in order to comply with applicable law (for example, if you make purchases in the application, certain personal data may be kept for tax and accounting purposes);
2.we must keep them to prove our compliance with applicable law (for example, if an account is blocked, 3.we keep certain account information and a record of the behaviour that led to the blocking – this information is kept for evidence purposes in case of legal questions or complaints about the blocking);
there is an outstanding issue, claim or litigation that requires us to retain relevant information until it is resolved; or
information must be retained for our legitimate business interests, such as preventing fraud and improving the safety and security of users (for example, information may need to be retained to prevent a user who has been banned for unsafe behaviour or security incidents from opening a new account).

Warning: Even after deleting information from your profile or deleted your account, copies of this information may still be visible and/or accessible as long as this information has already been shared with others, or copied or stored by others. We can’t control that, and we accept no responsibility for that. If you have given third-party applications or websites access to your personal information, they may retain that information to the extent permitted by their terms of use or privacy policies.


As Bumbizz evolves, we may revise this privacy policy from time to time. If we make a change to this policy which, in our sole discretion, is important, we will notify you, for example, by e-mail to the email address associated with your account or by posting a notice in Bumbizz.

Thank you for reading, we hope this has been helpful!

Effective date

March 2022

This Privacy Policy was last updated on June 19, 2022.

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